• Always backed up

    Strongspace continuously backs up your data and the changes you make to it. Just turn it on and you're done. Check out the latest beta version of our Strongspace application for the Mac. Windows coming soon.

  • Back-it-up then share-it-up

    Make online backup more fun. Have a file or folder you want to share with a friend? One click and you've got a secure link to your data that you can send to anyone.

  • Go back in time

    Strongspace captures full snapshots of your data every hour and thinning out to daily weekly snapshots - freezing a consistent image of all the files and folders at that moment. Now if you change or delete something, you can roll back to an older version.

  • ZFS + rsync = Awesome

    Strongspace is built on top of the ZFS filesystem using highly secure industry-standard protocols and common sense. You can access your data via SFTP and rsync, our RESTful API and cross-platform command-line utility.
    Learn more about Strongspace and rsync...