I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science at the Becton School of Arts and Sciences, Fairleigh Dickinson University [FDU] in New Jersey. At FDU, I teach undergraduate as well as graduate level courses ranging from first year General Chemistry to upper level courses, such as Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis. A complete list of courses and syllabi, including detailed information for in-session courses are provided via the "Courses" link shown in the menu panel.

My research interests center on the utilization of different spectroscopic methods to learn about molecules and their interactions in the liquid and gas phases. I received external funding making it possible for me to bring members of my research group to Brookhaven National Laboratory to work on a Cavity Ring-down Experiment. For another project, my collaborators and I were recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant for our experimental-computational study of foldamers. Additional information is available under "Research Interests".

At FDU, our focus is on both higher education and research. In my laboratory, students play a significant role as team members taking part not only in the conducting of hands on research, but in the plans and outcomes of research projects. Conducting research as an undergraduate student is a great asset if one plans to apply to a graduate program in chemistry and pursue a career in this field. For individuals who have already completed their Bachelor degree, and are thinking of attending a graduate Ph.D. program, participating in a thesis driven Master's program centered on research is an excellent way to test the waters of graduate school research, and will greatly enhance a candidate's standing and merit to any Ph.D. program. Interested students are encouraged to contact me to discuss current and future research projects.

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