Research News and Interests


Group members participating in research during the summer of 2012. Graduate students Kranthi Mateti (left-most) and Anumeha Muthal (second from right) conducted spectroscopic research connected to our National Science Foundation collaborative grant with the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Graduate student Sruthi Parvataneni (second from left) conducted pedagogic research to help redevelop an upper-level laboratory course. Undergraduate student Tess Loughran (not shown in photo) conducted a research project funded through the departmental Novo Nordisk research grant. Professor Alexey Teslja (group PI, far right).


Professor Vojislava Pophristic from the University of the Sciences gave a talk Foldamers: Nature Inspired Design of Novel Structures and discussed recent progress in the study of foldamers. Dr. Pophristic's research focuses on the application of computational chemistry methods to the study of foldamer molecules. Dr. Pophristic is an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The talk was held on September 18, 2012 in the New Academic Building (Stadler-Zenner-Hoffmann La Roche Building) at the Becton College of Arts and Sciences.

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

One of my primary interests is the use of cavity ring-down [CRD] spectroscopy to study small molecules and new radicals. CRDS is an ultra-sensitive spectroscopic direct absorption technique that can measure trace amounts of atoms or molecules in the gas phase. CRDS is useful for both static spectroscopic investigation, and also for non-intrusive time dependent concentration measurements of an absorbing species. The three main components of CRDS are the laser, high-reflectivity mirrors, and the data acquisition system. I recently received funding for FDU students, Ms. Beatrice Markiewicz and Ms. Mariana Milan, to do research work at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY for 10 weeks. At BNL, we measured a room temperature CRD spectra of phenylacetylene, and, are now continuing this effort (Photo taken by Dr. Gregory Hall, GPMD/BNL). I am currently in the process of constructing a CRDS system here at FDU.

Special Presentation: "Optical Double-Resonance Spectroscopy: A Tool for Simplifying Spectra and Investigating Molecular Collisions"

On December 9, 2010, Dr. Gregory Hall (Senior Chemist, Gas Phase Molecular Dynamics Group, Brookhaven National Laboratory) visited FDU to give a talk to my Instrumental Analysis Course students.

Student Discussion: Research Opportunities for Chemistry Students

The Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science at Becton College hosted an event to promote the Chemistry Research program at FDU while recognizing several Chemistry Department undergraduate students who had spent the past Summer of 2010 doing scientific research and internships. Each student delivered a short presentation followed by a question and answer forum. The student speakers were (in order of the presentations): Ms. Beatrice Markiewicz, Ms. Laura Serafin, and Ms. Jessica Dickinson. Dr. Alexey Teslja moderated the event. More than seventy people attended the event, and asked various questions regarding both the students; scientific research and also their experiences. This event was sponsored by the FDU Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science, the FDU Chemistry Club, and the FDU Office of Admissions. Held on March 2, 2011 in Lenfell Hall (Florham Park Campus, Fairleigh Dickinson University).