Graduate Lecture and Laboratory Courses

CHEM5242 Physical Chemistry II Lecture
CHEM5801 Foundations in Chemical Techniques
CHEM5803 Instrumental Foundations in Chemical Analysis Laboratory
CHEM6805 Graduate Seminar
CHEM7733 Instrumental Analysis Lecture
CHEM7735 Pharmaceutical Analysis

Graduate Research Courses

CHEM6801 Research and Thesis
CHEM6802 Research and Thesis
CHEM6803 Thesis Seminar
CHEM6806 Graduate (Non-Thesis) Research in Chemistry
CHEM7891 Internship/Lab Work Experience

Undergraduate Lecture and Laboratory Courses

FRSH 1000 Freshman Seminar
CHEM1027 Chemistry for the Global Citizen Lecture
CHEM1028 Chemistry for the Global Citizen Laboratory
CHEM1162 Science Scholars
CHEM1201 General Chemistry I Lecture
CHEM1202 General Chemistry II Lecture
CHEM1203 General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1204 General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM1212 General Chemistry II Recitation
CHEM2221 Analytical Chemistry Lecture
CHEM2223 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM4401 Chemistry Seminar
CHEM3242 Physical Chemistry II Lecture
CHEM3243 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM4233 Instrumental Analysis Lecture
CHEM4234 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Undergraduate Research Courses

HON4401, HON4402 Honors Research in Chemistry
CHEM4430 Special Topics in Chemistry: Undergraduate Research
CHEM4436, CHEM4437 Sophomore Mentored Research in Chemistry
CHEM4438, CHEM4439 Junior Mentored Research in Chemistry
CHEM4440, CHEM4441 Senior Mentored Research in Chemistry
CHEM4900 Faculty Student Research in Chemistry