CHEM1201 and CHEM1211

Coursefinder links: CHEM1201 and CHEM1211
General Chemistry I Lecture Syllabus (Fall 2016): generalChemistryLecture_I_Syllabus_print.pdf

CHEM1202 and CHEM1212

Coursefinder links: CHEM1202 and CHEM1212
General Chemistry II Lecture Syllabus (Spring 2017): generalChemistryLecture_II_Syllabus_print.pdf
Google Drive folder for CHEM1202/CHEM1212: CHEM1202/CHEM1212


Coursefinder link: CHEM1203
General Chemistry I Laboratory Syllabus (Fall 2014): generalChemistryLaboratory_I_Syllabus_print.pdf


Coursefinder link: CHEM1204
General Chemistry II Laboratory Syllabus (Spring 2016): generalChemistryLaboratory_II_Syllabus_print.pdf