Strongspace on your Servers

Please contact for more information.

  • Installation

    Strongspace Enterprise ships as a virtual machine with everything already installed and running. You only need to boot the virtual machine and configure Strongspace for your network, pick the storage mechanism you want to use, and you are ready to go.

  • Configuration

    Control access through a powerful web based console. We support integration with your organzation's LDAP servers and are happy to explore other customizations for your environment. Strongspace supports local, SAN or NAS based filesystem storage along with support for object stores such as CEPH or Openstack Swift.

  • Enterprise Security

    Strongspace Enterprise runs on your hardware, inside your network, and can be configured to meet any specific security or regulatory requirement you might have. As we continue to develop this product we look forward to working with customers regarding specific needs.

  • Pricing

    We are happy to work with any size organzation including ISPs and resellers. Please contact for more information.